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BioCybernaut & Roxanne Story

BioCybernaut is the pioneer in neurofeedback training, helping you tune into Zen-like states in days, not decades.

Roxanne Story, a proud Biocybernaut Institute alumna and the visionary coach and practitioner behind

In 2017-2018, Roxanne underwent a profound double alpha training at the Biocybernaut Institute in Sedona, Arizona—an experience that indelibly shaped her being, influencing life-altering choices, trajectory shifts, and meaningful relationships. This transformative episode marked the genesis of Roxanne’s radiant path to wellness.

Proudly associated with the Biocybernaut Institute, Roxanne honors the transformative teachings of Dr. Hardt and the dedicated staff.

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Discover The 7-Day

Alpha One Training

Increase Your Emotions

Imagine yourself feeling gratitude and dissolving all resentments. You are feeling compassion, forgiveness, and blissful peace. Others will notice and respond better to you, and you will feel happier and in better control of your own emotions.

Improve Productivity

Notice when your mind drifts away. Be mindful. This stops negativity in its tracks before it takes control over your tasks. Reach the level of effortless flow and experience enhanced productivity that many people only dream of, but few ever achieve. See yourself accomplishing more in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Increase Well-Being

Stress contributes to 80% of all disease processes. Alpha training dissolves stress. Increased Alpha improves the functioning of your immune system. In addition, in higher Alpha, you experience enhanced well-being emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Rewire your brain

  • +50% more Creative,

  • +11.7 IQ points Smarter

  • +15.8 EQ points Higher

and much happier — all this in just 7 days

We are the world’s pioneers of neurofeedback technology

The 7-day Alpha One Training is the original, first-ever week-long training based on neurofeedback technology. Although you may come across other "alternatives," this is the only training that employs the most advanced, patented brain-feedback technology in the world. Accept no substitutes and avoid latecomers trying to ride the wave of our method’s popularity.

A word from Our Clients

When I actually SAW (and heard)

my brainwaves, I just about fell off my chair!

NOT TOO LONG AGO, I EXPERIENCED SOMETHING SO INCREDIBLE — something that affected me in such an amazing way–that I just have to tell you about it. If you’re at all serious about your emotional and spiritual growth, this is going to absolutely blow your mind

Bill Harris

Creator of Holosync Meditation

The #1 thing I have noticed since attending BioCybernaut — I don’t have this inherent anxious heart beat residing in my chest/heart chakra every day when I wake up (or almost ever). It just dissolved! I didn’t even realize it at first, oddly, but it has actually become more apparent recently as time passed. Thank you so much for the opportunity to train and brain hack with you guys!

Susan Lyon

San Jose, California

(As a journal Editor,) I receive hundreds of studies every week. It is rare for a study to show changes in personality and if it does (then) it shows changes for one or two measures for a segment of the population. These are baby steps. When I saw the BioCybernaut data that showed changes in all measures for all participants I got excited. This is not a baby step, this is an elephant step.

Dr. Andy Campbell

Editor in Chief of Advances in Mind-Body Medicine

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